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Theo Karantsalis

Miami Springs, FL, USA

I currently work as a librarian.

Past work: hippie mechanic at Berkeley BMW Salvage, federal officer in San Francisco, and an award-winning barista at Starbucks.

I also freelance for several news agencies, including the Miami Herald, and have published more than 1,000 projects. I enjoy writing about community events, City Hall, and health-related matters including multiple sclerosis, bipolar disorder, and drug addiction.

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Featured Work

  • Clarance Patterson, Opa-locka Manager, Resigns in Wake of Police Corruption Probe
    Miami New Times

    Just days after announcing that state authorities were investigating massive police corruption in his city, Opa-locka city manager Clarance Patterson has abruptly announced his resignation. Patterson, who held the post for only 16 months, made the announcement Tuesday, one day after Channel 7 news followed a New Times story posted...

  • Opa-locka Police accused of massive corruption
    Miami New Times

    Opa-locka Police accused of massive corruption

  • Woman Cleared of Attacking Officer in Little Haiti
    Miami New Times

    A 6-foot, 250-pound woman who allegedly jumped on a cop's back was acquitted of battery on the Miami Police officer. The jury took only 28 minutes last Friday to find Sarah Myles not guilty after all three sergeants who were at the scene told different accounts of what happened.Police made...

  • Here Are the 13 Libraries Carlos Gimenez Wants to Close
    Miami New Times

    Miami-Dade Mayor Carlos Gimenez yesterday proposed cutting the county's operating budget by $350 million. That includes whacking the library system's $50 million budget to $24.5 million.It seems 13 libraries will be shut down.Riptide contributor Theo Karantsalis obtained the list of threatened libraries Thursday morning...

  • All Mug Shots Should Be Public, New Times Freelancer Argues In Case U.S. Supreme Court May Hear
    Miami New Times

    Theo Karantsalis, a soft-spoken librarian who teaches research classes at Miami Dade College between freelancing for Miami New Times and the Miami Herald, has become an unlikely central character in a hotly contested federal case that has free-speech advocates ready to clash with top D.C. officials. In a case that...

  • Popular Liberty City Park Contaminated
    Miami New Times

    If your child has visited a popular Liberty City park, the county suggests a lead poisoning test may be in order. Lead levels that are more than 200 percent higher than normal have been found at the 6.5-acre Olinda Park at 5100 Northwest 21st Ave., according to the Environmental Protection...

  • Miami Resident Is One of the Oldest in the State
    Miami New Times

    Mary Dimakis was born so long ago that when she moved into the Roads, there were few paved streets in the neighborhood. Dimakis will soon turn 108, making her the second-oldest resident in South Florida. The oldest, at 111, is Antonia Rivera, who lives just a few miles away. Dimakis is old...

  • Miami Springs Mayor Zavier Garcia Delinquent on His Taxes
    Miami New Times

    While his constituents watch taxes rise and home values slide, Miami Springs Mayor Zavier Garcia has not paid property taxes and owes back taxes on his business.Since Riptide posted a story last week that reported Garcia was in foreclosure, details of other fiscal indiscretions have emerged.Since the foreclosure filing in...

  • Angel Lazo, Driver In Fatal Crash, Cleared of Drag Racing Charges
    Miami New Times

    ​Last December, 18-year-old Angel Lazo stopped his Honda Civic in the right lane of a remote stretch of U.S. 27 so notorious for drag racing that its grassy medians are peppered with homemade monuments to crash victims. Lazo's friend, 18-year-old Raymon Garcia, stopped his Integra right behind Lazo.Moments later, a...

  • 15-Year-Old Pavert Cutino Charged With Attempted Murder After Dragging Miami Springs Cop
    Miami New Times

    ​A traffic stop in Miami Springs turned into a nightmare for a veteran traffic cop yesterday. A teenage driver dragged the officer for more than a block before letting him slam into the asphalt.Pavert Cutino, the 15-year-old driver, now faces attempted murder charges. Police say the officer, Jeff Collins, was...